William Morris House, Wimbledon Broadway


In March 2017 the Trustees of William Morris House, Wimbledon first invited me to make and design a window for the Burne-Jones room, which overlooks the Broadway.

The project was supported by Tony Kane in particular, and others who valued the building’s arts and crafts connections – it was founded by those who knew and worked with Morris. You can read more here about the connections with Morris and others at the house.

The room overlooks Wimbledon Broadway, and is one of the public meeting rooms used by various groups and clubs.

Tony and his friends at William Morris House liked the panel I made for their Arts and Crafts Award in 2017, and were willing to offer me the job, despite it being my first window. In fact, they were happy to give work to someone who was starting out and working independently.

The design is based on the William Morris ‘Trellis’ pattern, which is a repeat of 16 squares. Some squares appear more than once across the window, and I like the way that the same leaves, flowers and birds reappear in different ways; it suggests some kind of evolution or endless variation. The grid-like trellis opens up to incorporate sections of clear untextured glass to maintain a connection with the street outside.

I made the panels last winter – see video – and they were encapsulated in double glazing by Juno Glass, and the frame was made and installed by Lethbridge Lines.